This Woman Thinks She Is An Alien-Human Hybrid Because Of An “Inexplicable Birth”

You may have grown up with a fairly difficult childhood or a simple one.

The reasons for having a difficult childhood vary from one child to another. For instance, difficulty may be in terms of one child having odd features or having foster parents.

Well for Lisa, her greatest difficulty is that she was born as an alien-human hybrid. Keep reading for more information about the mysterious birth of this Canadian resident who has no idea where her roots are.

1. A woman with secrets: You have to look at her twice to see her special features.

2. Aliens: Lisa believes that even though she is a French speaker from Canada she is also a creature of the stars.

3. Her parents: Lisa believes that one of her mother may have been abducted by extra-terrestrials and impregnated with an alien sperm.

4. Later in life: Earth Mystery News (EMN) suggests that when an alien child grows older, they begin to look like their alien father. Lisa believes the way she looks is not how humans look.

5. A yearning: Alien-hybrids tend to have a longing for a place they don’t know and feel like they are not home.

6. Hybrid eyes: Lisa’s eyes look like she has colored contacts on but according to EMN when the alien hybrids look at you, it makes one feel like they are looking into your soul.

7. Dominant genes: the human gene is the dominant gene in alien-human hybrids and they may just want to fit in with us but they also want to do so in order to sabotage us later.