What Women DON’T Tell You While Having Sex

You may end up thinking there is nothing more to it once you have had sex enough times.

The assumption is that you have had it in various positions, you already know where to touch and when to stop.

It may be the same thing but there are very many ways you can switch things up during sex that make it more interesting.

Keep reading and find out what to do to take your sex life to the next level.

#1. Breasts are there for a reason, stop ignoring them!
Breasts should not only be touched during foreplay but during intercourse as well. Gently biting and rubbing the breasts can increase your woman’s chances of getting an orgasm.

#2. Know where her G-spot is to help her reach orgasms of epic proportions.
The g-spot is two inches from the vaginal opening, ensure you place a pillow below your partner’s buttocks which will lift her up making it easier for you to reach her g-spot.

#3. Be spontaneous and surprise her with a quickie!
Surprise your woman by spontaneously seducing her and having sex when she least expects it. You don’t have to fully undress for this, just ensure that you catch her by surprise.

#4. You may not know this but gently pulling her hair gets her more aroused.
Make sure that you don’t pull too hard, just a few strands pulled gently. Do this when she wants it rougher than usual.

#5. She may be a lady every other time but talking dirty to her is hot.
Note this carefully, we do not mean you go ahead and call her vulgar names. No, just tell her what you want to do to her or how good her body is, that will turn her on even more.