Orgasmic Meditation: People Are Now Going On Blind Masturbation Dates

Apparently people are now stroking each other off as a form of meditation.

Read all about the 15-minute practice that has no intention other than getting you off!

1. What is it? It is a practice that was founded by 46-year-old Nicole Daedone, at OneTaste in San Francisco-based organization that is dedicated to researching and teaching the practices of slow sex and orgasmic meditation (OM).

2. Nicole Daedone. She is the founder and CEO of OneTaste, the author of “Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm” and a TEDx speaker. At 27, she learned that he was dying of cancer and only had hours to live. That trauma made her study at a mystery school of theosophical studies,’ then graduating to Buddhism and celibacy before finding orgasmic meditation.

3. The cure for untouched female hunger. Daedone teaches what she believes is the cure for that untouched female hunger: a “brief ritual, performed with a partner.”

4. How it works. It is 15 minutes stroking session. Basically, you come without clothes from the waist down and a fully dressed man strokes you clitoris. It is done with the lights on.

5. How it works. The session ends in in the two people sharing about their experience.

6. Therapeutic, rather than sexual. the orgasms are more sensuous, purportedly triggering the limbic depths of the brain and releasing a flood of oxytocin, activating bonding between participants.

7. Why people are into it. Every OM is set up the same way so participants can stop thinking, and instead follow the feeling, listen to their bodies, and be present. In turn, your sex life improves, your vitality increases, food tastes better and your connection to yourself and others deepen.

8. The strokers. Both men and women can be strokers. While the practice is primarily focused on the female orgasm, both partners are said to share in the sensation and fulfilment.

9. The goal. To create a clean, well-lit place where sexuality, relationship, and intimacy could be discussed openly and honestly.

10. It costs money. OM is not free. The company offers Coaching Certification ($15,000), a Mastery Program ($7,500, a one-day Play Class ($195), and TurnOn events ($10), which are designed to give people the opportunity to “feel TurnON in themselves.”

11. Alleged benefits. An increase of overall vitality, more energy, a healthier sex drive, reduced stress and irritability, and an increase in “orgasmic pleasure” during intercourse.

12. Experiences. Some claimed to deeper understand what they want as women and others the deeper meaning of intimacy.

13. Experiences. Another stated that It flooded her with such positive good feelings that she stopped associating feeling with being overwhelmed and started getting turned on about it.

14. Slow sex. Daedone compares sex with food, explaining that people can overindulge without getting nourishment, or go from one extreme of consuming mindlessly to the other extreme of self-denial.

15. Cult? Some former members say Ms. Daedone has cult like powers over her followers. Daedone herself has even acknowledged that “there’s a high potential for this to be a cult.” However, OneTaste staff members have responded to these cult accusations by stating that “OM makes no claim to be of spiritual nature.