When My Husband Left Me, My Sex Life Exploded. Here’s Why.

For one who genuinely believes their partner is their soulmate, it can be a crushing reality when the relationship fails and the marriage dissolves.

At first it may be heart-breaking but it may be the beginning of a better future that you never imagined existed.

1.There may be cracks and issues that need work in a relationship.
One partner may quit while one wants to work things out.

2.Starting over can not just feel lonely but also a daunting task.
Dividing the things you were used to sharing together such as friends, furniture and property may be a devastating experience.

3. Believing there is a light at the end of the tunnel may just be what you need.
You may be sad to see things end but you eventually get through it.

4. After 10 years of marriage, her husband left.
She thought their relationship could withstand anything.

5. In hindsight, there were signs.
They always fought and got bored with each other.

6. They didn’t have much of a sex life together either.
She assumed that she was the reason they were not having sex and not the relationship

7. She started going out with friends, having fun again.
She started enjoying other people’s company and looking at other men.