Girl’s Chest Tattoo Leaves Horrendous Scar After It ‘Falls Off’

We have all seen or heard some horror stories when it comes to tattoo’s.

Well, hold on to your hats because this story of Pasuda Reaw may just blow your top off.

She decided to remove a chest to collarbone tattoo through Rejuvi, and erasing technique.

What is supposed to happen is, you need to apply tattoo removing cream with the same needle used for tattooing then the tattoo peels off leaving a removable scab.

On day one it was just fine but she kept sharing the progress on her social media.

Pus started coming out of the wound and it slowly became a painful process for her.

Instead of the scar turning back to her skin colour, it looked similar to a burn.

She decided to share her experience with the Rejuvi technique in order to encorage people to avoid it all costs.